Micro Loans, Little Libraries & Land productivity

Regenerating the community one step at a time.


Micro Loans

We are regenerating the community through a micro loan program.  By lending small amounts of money at a low interest rate we are encouraging people to expand or start their own ministry or business.  Along with the micro loan program we are providing an education on budgeting, generosity and integrity of money handling.

Professors Jamie Muckell and Gorden Boronow founded the micro loan program. To date $11,000.00 has been loaned to help a music ministry with their equipment, a ministry center be refurbished, a mechanic buy a computer reader expanding the capabilities of his shop and another ministry with their van repairs.  If you would like to help fund this program please click the how to donate button.

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Little Libraries

Capstone Publishing and myON fell in love with the people of Cuna Maya/Yucatan and have since invested thousands of dollars in children’s books and programs for the community. They built eight free Little Libraries, built a classroom in the children’s home and have provided all the monies needed to build a fully functional library. The library will be equipped with computers; printer, projector, speakers, books and, one day, a secure satellite internet connection.


Land Productivity

Revitalizing land productivity through teams of workers reconstructing or constructing new homes for people who live in unsafe and unsecure dwellings.  Solid Floor/Dry Roof program with YWAM Cancun.