Our Vision

A heart for the people.


Regional Reclaim Ministries-Restoring the individual, Regenerating small business, Revitalizing land productivity-community by community.

We are restoring the individual spiritually through church planting, hosting short-term mission teams, small group Bible study and through Biblical and academic education programs such as YWAM Cancun’s five month Discipleship Training School (DTS), and the Kingdom Academy curriculum. 

We have a vision of restoring the family through the children’s center and infirmary, discipleship classes for women and couples.  Attached to the children’s center is a two-room infirmary. General healthcare is provided through medical and dental outreach teams throughout the year. Transportation to doctors and hospitals and over the counter medication is provided on an as needed basis.

We are regenerating the community through a micro loan program.  By lending small amounts of money at a low interest rate we are encouraging people to expand or start their own ministry or business.  Along with the micro loan program we are providing an education on budgeting, generosity and integrity of money handling.

Revitalizing land productivity through teams of workers reconstructing or constructing new homes for people who live in unsafe and unsecure dwellings. 

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Michael Esposito
Founder & Director

2012 On-Site | Michael, Willie and James

2012 On-Site | Michael, Willie and James